Titanium Dioxide THA-100

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THA-100 is an Anatase type TiO2. As a general-purpose titanium dioxide, it can be widely used in coatings, paints, plastics, printing ink, color master batch, paper and other industries.

Key Features

  • Excellent optical properties
  • Good whiteness
  • Strong hiding power and color elimination strength

Typical Properties

 Crystal Form Anatase Type
 Manufacturing Process Sulfate

Technical Index

Content Of Titanium Dioxide ≥98.50%
Relative Brightness (L * Test / L * S) ≥99.50%
Oil Absorption (g/100g) ≤ 23
PH Value Of Aqueous Suspension 6.8~8.5
105°C Volatile ≤0.5%
Color Difference (-b *) ≤0.5%
Water-Soluble Substance Content ≤0.5%
Residue On 45μm ≤0.05%
Relative Tinctorial Strength ≥96%

Product index is subject to inspection

Packaging Conditions

THA-100 is available in 25-kg paper-plastic composite bag and 500-kg&1000-kg packing.

Product Storage

The shelf life of THA-100 TiO2 is two years as long as the product is kept in a dry condition and not in direct contact with water or moisture.

Health & Safety Precautions

Safety gloves, goggles and respirator with submicron particle filtration should be worn while contacting.

Disclaimer: The above information is offered to provide possible suggestions. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill, at their own risk. THTiO2 makes no warranties and assumes no liability in connection with any use of this information.

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